Since the onset of Joey's illness in May of 2009, Joey spent three months back and forth between NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Helen Hayes Hospital as an inpatient, finally coming home in September, 2009. Once home, he received outpatient speech, physical and occupational therapy 2-3 times per week up until July, 2012, working to re-gain his fine and gross motor skills and daily living skills. The brain can repair itself and regenerate, but it takes much longer than for other parts of the body and requires a lot of work. Through a lot of hard work and support from family and friends, Joey continues to slowly improve by working on his therapies at home every day.

Locomotor Training had a big impact with Joey’s progress. Locomotor training helps to improve balance, motor control, weight-bearing ability and the re-creation of a natural gait. While it is extremely appropriate for certain spinal cord injury patients, it is also a viable rehabilitative tool for individuals with stroke and other neurological conditions. Please click here to learn more about Locomotor Training.


At the Press

Re-learning to catch & throw

Throwing the Ball

In the Pool

Locomotor Therapy with PT,
Jodi at Helen Hayes

Taking Steps

Arm Bike

Cup Dancing

Speech Therapy, April 2011  
Speech Therapy, December 2009
Locomotor Training with some OT.
December 2009
PT with the Weight Belt,
January 2012
Trying out Arm Crutches for 1st time, March 2011
Side Stepping in the Harness,
June 2011

Walking with the Harness,
June 2011

Locomotor Training, March 2011 
Working Those Legs with Locomotor Training,
June 2011
Trying to Hop, April 2011
Trying to Jump, June 2011
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